Aerospace Components

The development of new processes and materials enabled by our Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology highlight our advanced capabilities. Product and process development for Aerospace applications — specifically aeroengines, landing gear/hydraulic systems, and high strength/low weight structural components - are fully addressed using our 5-axis Lasertec 65 3D Laser Additive Machine Tool.

Oilfield Threading

We use hardened and calibrated gages traceable to the appropriate governing authority. Casing, tubing and tool joints are cut, inspected and protected using dedicated tools and we routinely employ a redundant threading method to eliminate cutter wear problems. Thread milling capability allows us to produce specialty threads either on or off the part axis.

Oilfield Components

Components needing extensive milling, drilling, tapping or form cutting such as valve sleeves, latch components, 'J' connections or any type of part requiring ported features used in multi-stage functions are machined in fewer set-ups using our full featured 'Y' axis technology.

Well-head equipment such as shifting boxes and blow-out preventers are features of our above ground capabilities.

All types of packer components, completion tools and cementing equipment to 13-3/8 inch casing size requiring any type of side milling, porting, threading or deep-hole drilling fit our machining technology envelope. We will gladly quote and develop engineered solutions to your part requirements.

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