PTooling maintains state of the art machine tool capabilities.

Our machine tools are new, well maintained, robust, and durable. We have invested in the best technology available on the market today, and we gladly welcome competitive challenges to prove we are the 'best of the best'.

We are proud to house the only DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D Hybrid Laser Deposition Machine available for service provider work in North America. This machine not only enables laser deposition - but provides full 5-axis vertical machining capability with full turning to 650mm diameter. Rather than machining away wasted material, the Lasertec 65 enables us to add material where required. This not only translates into huge material cost savings to our customers, but also opens the door to previously impossible geometries. With more and more compatible materials and alloys being discovered, we are very excited for the possibilities this machine offers to our clients.

Our ultra-modern turning equipment includes live tool milling and feature full 'Y' axis control on all turning centers. This allows off-center machining operations to be performed along the longitudinal axis of the part. Thread milling and other oblique or offset features are routine and we are fully tooled to provide rapid response to unique part features. Thru-spindle chucking means that longer parts can be turned and milled in fewer set-ups. This translates to significant schedule and cost savings.

Fully automatic saw cutting permits the greatest material cost savings because of dark hour operation and rough stock handling.

See our Facility Listing page for a complete line-up of machine tool specifications and capacities.

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