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At PTooling, we view all staff as close friends first, coworkers second. This outlook creates a more enjoyable atmosphere and therefore improves our productivity. Our philosophy is that our primary responsibility is not the time we spend on the job, it is what the job allows us to do with our lives. We focus on core values and family first. Somebody happy with family life will be a far more valuable person than someone who resents coming to work. When the team is happy, we don't have to worry about human relationships — we only worry about making your parts.

Marv Fiebig — President
marv@ptooling.ca | 519.259.7689

Marv has over 35 years of hands-on manufacturing and manufacturing engineering experience spanning industries such as oil and gas equipment, gas compression, aerospace, and injection molding. He is certified in both Manufacturing Engineering and Quality Engineering. He is firmly committed to the cooperative and constructive integration of these two disciplines. Marv believes strongly that only by developing manufacturing processes with quality requirements as the priority can one accomplish the goal of customer-acceptable performance.

This ideal allows us to achieve customer requirements rather than inspect quality into a job. Teamwork, personal dignity, and good communication are the primary keys to a successful and prosperous business. Marv invites and welcomes our customers to share in our success and prosperity.

Wendy Fiebig — Finance
wendy@ptooling.ca | 519.566.8659

Wendy has an Honors Degree in commerce and manages all financial matters for PTooling. Part of our excellent reputation and financial success is due directly to Wendy's effective money management.

Any questions pertaining to PTooling's finance will be quickly and professionally dealt with.

Tai Fiebig — Manufacturing Engineering

Tai is a vital member of the PTooling team. In studying manufacturing process engineering he enjoys incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques into a quality product. Utilizing the full potential of machine tools at his disposal, Tai continues to impress our customers with superior products produced on time, on budget and with quality performance meeting their needs. Tai shares his wealth of experience by being an effective trainer and instructor.

Challenge him and you too will be impressed!

Angelo Zandona — Quality Assurance
angelo@ptooling.ca | 519.564.0653

Angelo is meticulous in his care for parts leaving the PTooling facility. As an advocate for customer requirements, his uncompromising nature will never allow substandard performance. Angelo communicates effectively and always acts with responsible professionalism. As we obtain ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 registration, Angelo will keep our customers well-informed of our progress and will communicate our significant continuous improvement objectives.

Adolfo Delgado — Production Manager
adolfo@ptooling.ca | 226.975.5991

The management of parts in production is not an easy task, but it is one that Adolfo welcomes with open arms. His eye for optimization contributes to a smooth and economical workflow. Adolfo's background in physics, biomedical engineering, and human resource management results in a unique outlook and eagerness to improve functionality. Adolfo is fluent in English, Spanish, and French; allowing him to communicate effectively with many different clients.

Derek Corbett — Contract Administrator
derek@ptooling.ca | 519.996.8597

Derek is committed to customer satisfaction. He communicates with our clients throughout all stages of production; keeping them completely up-to-date from the time a job is started until the parts have been delivered and accepted. Derek ensures that all work is properly documented and certified, contributing to the impeccable traceability PTooling offers. He is happy to respond to any questions or concerns in a quick and professional manner.

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